Current employment opportunities

11 days ago

Ross Montessori School offers programs for toddlers through 8th grade and provides an authentic Montessori experience to children in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Established in 2005, we serve over 200 students in beautiful Carbondale, Colorado.  We offer locally competitive salaries and benefits. Job application links are shown below. Applicants should submit a completed job application, including a letter of interest and three letters of recommendation, via email to, on paper via USPS, or by dropping it off in person. Our team is seeking dynamic individuals with energy and enthusiasm for the following positions: 

Development and Parent Relations Mgr./Leadership Team Asst. (salary based on experience)

Classroom Assistant Teachers (Preschool & Kindergarten) (Starting at $23/hour)

Substitute teachers ($150 per day)

Substitute route bus drivers Must be CDL certified.  ($41/hour)


We offer on-site Montessori training. 

Salary is based on experience if not listed above. 

These job postings close on or before 05/31/24.

Part of our Strategic Accountability Planning means that we constantly seek to vet highly engaged candidates for our Preschool-8th grade programming at Ross Montessori School. According to the North American Montessori Teachers Association, approximately 200 available jobs remain unfilled each year. The demand is so great that some schools even sponsor candidates to take Montessori training in exchange for a contract to teach at the school for a certain number of years. We work with the Center for Guided Montessori Studies for online training offered in unison with our highly skilled and trained on-site teaching coach.

Classroom Staff Application

Bus Driver Application