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Advisory Committees to the Board

Governance Committee

Strategic Accountability Committee

Ross Montessori is in the midst of an exciting strategic planning process under the guidance of consultant Jan Thirlby. A committee comprised of parents, teachers, staff, and board members has worked together to determine a vision of what Ross should become in thirty years time.  This committee is charged with creating the long and short-term goals that are needed for Ross Montessori to achieve its renewed vision. This committee will also serve to hold the school “accountable” to its long and short-term goals, and thus will also assume the role of the committee formerly known as the “School Accountability Committee.” Strategic Accountability Committee establishes consistency in the improvement process and  holds the school responsible for its own established goals. Quarterly updates are provided to all stakeholders. 

Finance and Audit

The Finance committee shall have the responsibility for establishing the budgeting procedure, recommending annual budgets to the Board for approval and review of financial performance against the budget; establishing and reviewing financial controls:appointment of independent auditors; and considering and recommending financing for long range capital projects.

Nominating Committee

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