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What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund is our yearly appeal for donations that support an educational environment of excellent teaching and learning. The Annual Fund underwrites the many tools and activities that support a well-rounded and vibrant Montessori education. It funds program enrichment directly in the following ways:

Teacher Training for Montessori Credential
Physical Education
World Language Instruction
Classroom Assistants
Visual and Performing Arts
Montessori Teaching Materials
Why is my gift important?

The state of Colorado ranks 36th in public school funding, and charter schools like RMS receive 20% less funding than other public schools. WE BELIEVE OUR CHILDREN DESERVE MORE. Every dollar you give to the Annual Fund goes directly to make up this difference. PARTICIPATION IS KEY. High participation shows the broader community that we believe in our school and strengthens the school’s position when applying for grants, loans, and other external funding. OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE 100% PARTICIPATION FROM OUR STAKEHOLDERS AND FAMILIES OF STUDENTS ATTENDING ROSS. Any donation, no matter the amount, is welcome and critical to our success.