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  • Parent and Student Testimonials
    I just wanted to comment on something wonderful I witnessed today. The middle school students were lining up to go outside while I was still standing there eating the wonderful lunch we served. While they lined up, the upper elementary students were lining up to come in, I overheard a few of the students telling the other to behave in order to set an example for the students coming in. This amazed me, in my years of attending public school, this would have never happened!!! I should have, and would still would love to tell these students what an impact they made, and as a mother of a second grader, how that touched me. I want them to know that attitude and thinking will take them far in the years beyond schooling. You three, all the others that are a part of this school and the parents are the ones making this happen!!!

    I am so proud to have my son attending your school!

    "Laurie, and C-pher really helped mt son connect with others, become physically aware of himself, and learn to value his own ideas and strengths. Today, he is socially adept, confident, and the right maturity level for his developmental stage. The Grace and Courtesy emphasis does pay off, especially when your charges are kindergarten to lower elementary, when they start learning in this socially responsible educational system. That’s why I love this school!

    I wanted to say how much I enjoyed tonight's open house! It was very inspiring for myself but I was even more amazed how excited my boy was to participate and demonstrate to his father and others what he has been learning. I could just see his inner confidence shining through. How secure he was roaming the halls, the way he interacted with strangers. So cool. When I took him to see the 7 and 8th graders I was equally taken back at how those students treated my son as they adapted to talking to a first grader.

    I wanted to offer for my children and I to come to the middle school informational night and speak briefly in the success of Ross middle schoolers and "the real world." I did not choose to volunteer much of my time to Ross over the years as both my husband and I chose to volunteer the little extra time we had to Little League. With that said, I am potentially one of the most grateful Ross parents there is! My high school children are both straight A students, student athletes, recipients of multiple academic and sports awards, and participants in extracurricular clubs at Glenwood High School. While I believe that we are "good" parents, I truly attribute MORE of their success to the Ross Montessori education, than I do to our parenting. I have also seen the negative effects of my children's' peers who were switched in 7th or 8th grade to another middle school, due to the parent's belief that the kids need to transition to 'traditional' schools before high school. This might be one way that we could give back to Ross. Let me know!"
  • Quotes about Montessori Parent Education at Ross
    "I can have a prepared Montessori environment at home now."
  • Quotes about Montessori Parent Education at Ross
    "I won't call conflicts 'bullying.' I will help my child by being more specific."
  • Quotes About Montessori Parent Education at Ross Montessori
    "I loved learning about the tools and how they lead children to deeper understanding of subjects. Please offer Math and Reading, again, soon. Thank you."
  • Quotes About Ross Montessori School
    "Ross has active staff and parents who help translate into Spanish for parents who need it."
  • Quotes about Parent Education at Ross
    "It was great to understand all the steps a new reader has to go through to read just one word. Adults forget how difficult this process is."
  • Quote about Ross Montessori School
    "I tell everyone how well prepared my daughter was for CRMS, thanks to Ross. I feel very strongly that Ross was a great place for both my kids."
  • Quote about Ross Montessori School
    A prospective parent shared this after observing classrooms:

    "Quality of respectful engagement between teachers and students"
    "Children respect materials and order"
    "Clean, orderly, light-filled environments"
    "Diversity in the classrooms"
    "Adults problem-solve with students, asking for student input (rather than telling them what to do)"
    "Kind, respectful social interactions among students"
  • Cake
    "Mom, I love school more than cake".

    I don't think her teachers could get a better compliment!
Our Purpose and Vision for Education

The purpose of Ross Montessori School is to prepare compassionate life-long learners to have a positive impact on the world.

Vision 2045
We envision a time when Ross Montessori School will be an exemplary educational institution and recognized as such all over the world. Educators from all backgrounds will observe and learn from our model, grounded in the Montessori Method. Parents will choose our school over any other with a steadfast belief in the value we create for the children, families and communities we serve.

Our children will be immersed in the joy of discovery. Programming will be enriched with art, music and drama through all the seasons. Students will actively participate in community service projects and conservation program, and every child will emerge a creative and competent problem solver.

We will send citizens into the world who have a profound impact on their communities. They will face adversity and challenge with humility, grace and compassion. They will inspire others to better the Earth and its inhabitants. All who know them will be the better for it for generations into the future.

Our Core Values are: Children, Joy of Discovery, Dedication to Mastery, Compassionate Love, Community