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Information about new Delayed Start


Dear Parents:

The decision to cancel school is made by the Head of the School and will almost always follow the guidance of the Roaring Fork School District. Ross has had some of the same days in previous years and called different decisions based on conditions. Since we are an independent charter school, we can exercise this privilege. Like any other school, our number one priority is ensuring safety. Since we live and play in the Colorado Rockies, we are familiar with the mid-morning clearing we frequently see on a snowy morning. Our students can and should be learning at school on days like this.

Several factors are considered in determining if the school will be canceled or delayed: rate of snowfall, amount fallen, temperature, wind, highway and road conditions, electricity, and weather forecasts. Information on conditions from Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle, and Gunnison counties are considered since staff and students travel these distances. Safety is the primary consideration in deciding whether to hold or close the school.

When the decision is made to close for any reason, faculty and staff will receive official notification from the Head of School or designee and parents will receive the same information via phone numbers on file. Notice will further be posted in the following locations:

  • The school website
  • Facebook for RMS
  • Facebook for Carbondale Rural Fire Department
  • CSI website
  • 9 News
  • KMTS
  • Radio Tricolor

As of 10/27/2022, Ross Montessori School will offer Delayed Start to the school day when all conditions seem appropriate. Please see our school website for the modified bus schedule when a delayed start is deemed appropriate. We will still dismiss at the same time on those days and follow the regular after-school bus route times. As a side note, if a delayed start is called on a hot lunch day, we expect students to bring their lunch and cancel the hot lunch program for that day.