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Annual Fund 2017 - 2018

4 days ago

Mark Ross Montessori Foundation

The Mark Ross Montessori Foundation (MRMF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity that exists to support the Ross Montessori School. The mission of MRMF is to provide financial support the Ross Montessori School and to help the school achieve its vision. Through the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, fundraising events and grant writing, the Foundation will grant money to the school to augment educational programs.

What is Montessori education?

Montessori education follows the child. Teachers create individualized, self-paced work plans for students to follow as they master skills and concepts. Teachers serve as guides, and students are encouraged to explore and discover on their own. Through this educational model, students achieve academic success as well as physical, social and emotional growth.

At RMS, programming is enriched with art, drama, foreign language, outdoor education and technology. Students participate in community service. Our goal is to foster competent problem solving and to cultivate a community that embraces humility and grace in the face of everyday challenges.

What is a charter school?

RMS is a charter school authorized by the Colorado Charter School Institute. As a charter school, RMS is allowed the freedom to be non-conventional and innovative while being held accountable to state standards for advancing student achievement. Because charter schools are public schools, they are tuition free (except full day Kindergarten), open to the public and do not have special entrance requirements.

However, charter schools receive less funding than conventional schools. For this reason, giving to the Annual Fund is critical to the success of our charter school.

What is the annual fund?

The Annual Fund is our yearly appeal for donations that support an educational environment of excellent teaching and learning. The Annual Fund underwrites the many tools and activities that support a well-rounded and vibrant Montessori education. It funds program enrichment directly in the following ways:

Why is my gift important?

The state of Colorado ranks 35th in public school funding, and charter schools like RMS receive 20% less funding than other public schools. 

WE BELIEVE OUR CHILDREN DESERVE MORE. Every dollar you give to the Annual Fund goes directly to make up this difference. 

PARTICIPATION IS KEY. High participation shows the broader community that we believe in our school and strengthens the school’s position when applying for grants, loans and other external funding.


In 2016-2017, our average gift was $483, representing a wide array of individual donations. Any donation, no matter the amount, is welcome and critical to our success.

How can I make my gift?

BY MAIL Send your gift to Mark Ross Montessori Foundation, 109 Lewies Lane, Carbondale, CO 81623.

ONLINE Donate Here

RECURRING GIFT Consider making a monthly or quarterly donation processed automatically. Spread your donation over the course of the year.

SECURITIES/STOCK TRANSFER Contact Tricia Williams, Development & Enrollment Director, see below.

MATCHING GIFTS Check with your employer to determine matching gift availability and program terms. 

Make your dollar go further
There are many ways you can make the dollars you already spend go further for Ross.

Amazon Smile

Set up your account with Amazon Smile at and choose Mark Ross Montessori Foundation as the organization you support. Then, each time you shop, make sure you see Mark Ross Montessori Foundation and you know a percentage of your shopping will come to Ross.

City Market
Register your value card online and enroll in the Community Rewards program. You can choose Ross Montessori as the organization you wish to support and for every dollar you spend, the Annual Fund grows!Go to is totally free. Stores include:, Pottery Barn, REI, Staples, Petco, Expedia, Best Buy, QVC and many more. Best of all, up to 26% of your purchase at each store is donated to Ross.

Turn your online shopping and searching into much-needed donations:

Local ways to keep giving
Clean out your closets and donate your gently used (no stains, tears or pills) clothing and household items (no chips and in working order) to local consignment shops. Give them the Ross Montessori account number and when your item sells, the consignment comes to Ross!

Miser’s Mercantile, 303 Main St, Carbondale
Account number: 5594

Sawyer’s Closet, 319 Main St, Carbondale
Account number: 2686

Back Door Consignment Store, 50 N 4th St, Carbondale
Account number: 0004

Once Upon a Child, 3110 Black Ave, Glenwood Springs
Write Ross Montessori School on the packages you drop off.

Heirloom’s, 144 Midland Ave, Basalt
Write Ross Montessori School on the packages you drop off.

Ragged Mountain Sports, 902 Hwy 133, Carbondale
Write Ross Montessori School on the packages you drop off.

Your gift is deductible to the extent allowable by law. the Mark Ross Montessori Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organizations. Tax ID # 20-2556775.

Call or email with any questions
Tricia Williams, Development & Enrollment Director
970-963-7199 ext 802

Thank You for Supporting the 2017-18 Annual Fund

about 1 month ago

Thank you to the following donors who have supported the 2017 - 2018 Annual Fund as of January 19, 2018.

Diane Ahlstrom 

Leanne Airy 

Albright & Associates  

Paul and Kandice Allen 

Kelley and Jon Amdur 

John Brasier and Mitzi Hunter  

John Voorhees and Mary Lawler  

Jo Anne Anderson 

Steve and Jennifer Ayers 

Monika Kiss-Baez and Pablo Baez 

Laura and Brian Bahr 

Nathan and Kristen Baier 

C-pher Bair 

Michael and Lynn Bair 

Basalt Concrete, LLC  

Erin Beaudette 

Sandor and Amanda Benis 

Lauren Benson 

Charlie and Alison Berger 

Eric and Sara Berry 

James Berto 

Diana Beuttas 

Karen Bradshaw 

Jessica and Leroy Brandt 

Faye B. Brislan 

David and Ellen Brooks 

Wren Brotzman 

Savannah Brown 

Seth Brown and Adriana Pevec Brown

Kent and Emily Bumgarner 

William and Rachel Burrow 

Tricia Cagua 

Trevor and Nicki Cannon 

Theresa and David Carroll 

Todd and Anne Cerrone 

Trenton and Lindsay Cheney 

Robin M Chernoff 

Patricia Chew 

City Market 

Colby June Jewelry  

Alan and Robin Cole 

Dustin and Anna Cole 

Jason Collins and Luciana Riccardo 

Colter Smith 

Connie Calaway 

Consciously Transforming Space LLC 

 Chloe and Brendan Couvreux 

Jon and Alicia Creyts 

D & C Automotive Upholstery

Randy and Kim Dahl 

Kristina Dauksys 

Carter Davis 

Joe and Kristin Davis 

Whitney and Megan Dean 

David DiLorenzo 

Brandon and Ashly Ditlow 

Nancy Draina 

PC and Lisa Drew 

Judy Darr Eaton 

Amanda Emerson 

Bob and Nancy Emerson 

Jeffery Erck 

Linda Ericson 

Lisa and Stephen Fischer 

Kelly and Greg Forbes 

Mandi and Derek Franz 

Greg and Kristina Freeman 

Kristy Freeman 

Thomas Friel and Kirsten Pamp-Friel 

Robert and Connie Friesen 

Elizabeth Fulton 

Ramsey and Colby Fulton 

Richard E Fulton 

Bill and Mary Garrison 

Wolf and Nancy Gensch 

Lynne & Tim Gilbert 

Jeff and Christine Godfread 

Doone Gohery 

Juan and Deborah Grobler 

Barbara Gunther 

Handcrafted Carpets, Inc.

Andrea Harris 

Harrison Browne Interior Design LTD

Matt Haslett 

Ann Hedges 

Scott and Sonya Hemmen 

Benjamin and Devonee Hendrix 

Todd and Megan Hibbard 

Tom and Karen Hill 

Benjamin and Jennifer Hoban 

Luis Huerta and Elizabeth Burgos 

Hunter Electric 

Amanda Ingle 

Bob and Eilene Ish 

Johnny and Julie Ivansco 

Carol A Jeffery 

David Johnson 

Amber Jones 

Katie and Andrew Karow 

Sean and Leslie Keery 

Tamra Kenyon 

Andrew Kitchell and Kim McKinley 

Chris and Sarah Klingelheber 

Alan Kokish and Diana Keyser 

Ron Kokish and Niki Delson 

Becky and Jacob Koski 

Erik and Emily Kushto 

Debra Lambert 

Brian and Michelle Lazar 

Dave Levine and Jenn Weede 

Shana Light 

Allison and Phil Long 

Sandee Lorenzen 

Christine Lozner 

Tim and Elizabeth Malloy 

James and Abigail Mandel 

Leslie and David Marcus 

Martin Insurance Group  

Robert Martin and Courtney Eaton 

Brendan and Abby Matthias 

Cliff McDonnell 

Robert and Tammy Mclelland 

Mike and Nancy McMichael 

Yolanda Melendez 

Cody and Melissa Messer 

Beth and Hayden Mexted 

Beth Miles 

Candice Miller 

Mark and Ingrid Miller 

Eric Mitchell and Anne VanDruten 

Gregory and Caroline Mohl 

Trevor and Danica Moodie 

Rob and Kirsten Morey 

Thomas and Shelby Morgan 

Arsene and Bonnie Muhigirwa 

Jeff Munn and Jen Campbell 

Brian Noto 

NV5, Inc. 

Eric and Karen Peirson 

Julia Pelland 

Graciela Pena 

Joan Permenter and Bill Hauser 

Lenka Perutkova 

Bill and Jodi Pinkham 

Karen Coordes Pod 

Joyce Preston 

Silvia Ramos 

Patricia Rangel 

Ken and Donna Riley 

Daniel and Judith Ritschard 

Roaring Fork Anglers  

Kenneth Rosenberg and Kara Gallagher 

Dr. Lester and Sheryl Rosenbloom 

Rosenkranz Foundation 

Kathryn Ross 

Peter and Mila Rossi 

Reed MacNeil Russell 

Samsara Detox Therapies  

James Sanderford and Kimberly Reil 

Christy Sanzaro 

Tam and Sue Scott 

Taylor and Cindy Serson 

Clay Shiflet and Sarah Murray 

Nikolai Alexander Shornikov 

Mark and Klara Simpson 

Bridger Smith 

Joe and Sindy Smith 

Kathleen Denson Smith 

Katie Mang-Smith and Paul Smith 

Jessica Sorber 

Ryan and Erica Sparhawk 

Lisa Speaker 

Elizabeth and Mark Spidell 

Erin Spiess 

Jeff and Karyn Spiropoulos 

Randy and Juliet Spurrier 

Ean and Jennifer Steele 

Sara Striefel 

Rod and Gina Stryker 

Paul and Gabriella Sutro, Jr. 

Megan Swanton 

Peter Tibbetts and Rochelle Smith 

Barbara Uboe 

Courtney Van Moorsel Shalabi 

Matthew and Carrie Vickers 

Genevieve Villamizar 

Jim Weede 

Ashley Weitzel Wilson 

Brian K Wexler Esq 

Lucylee and John Whiting 

Patricia Williams 

Patricia Willimon 

Jody Wilson 

Valerie Wilson-Vinger 

Jason and Megan Winokur 

Rodney and Sarah Woelfle 

Karen S. Woods 

David Young 

Kammy Young 

Jesse Zucco and Patty Galmore 



RMS Trucker Hats

about 1 month ago

RMS TRucker Hats

Thank you for your support

about 1 year ago

The founding parents and teachers at RMS have envisioned a new building for the school of their dreams for over ten years. This dream became a reality January 2016. The Shaping Our Future Campaign helped achieve this goal. This campaign changed the lives of hundreds of students for generations to come.


From day one, the RMS community has worked with passion and courage to establish a highly effective Montessori program for our valley. Our Montessori-trained faculty set very high standards for our students and maintain an excellent quality of education.

Together, RMS parents, students, teachers, grandparents and friends have  shaped the future for our children.

Thank you for your support which made our dreams come true.

Trusty Trunk $50,000 +

Anonymous Friend of Ross

Anonymous Grandparent

Alan & Robin Cole

Marc & Melissa Ganzi

Urfrig Family

Wexner Family

Helpful Branches $10,000 - $49,999

M. Scott Bromwell, Jr.

Drs. David & Ellen Brooks

Luciano Riccardo & Jason Collins

Charlie & Megan Cook

Larry Giroux

Giora & Rachel Hahn

LeeLee von Stade & Tito Liotta

Greg & Caroline Mohl

Sarah Moore

Carlene Murphy

Pediatric Partners

Riley Family

Mary L. Riley

Umbrella Roofing

Apples of Our Eyes $5,000 - $9,999

Steve & Jenny Ayers

Eric & Sara Berry

Blackburn/Drew Family Art Room

Michael & Tami Cassetty

Patricia F. Feinberg

Dockery Family Foundation

FCI Constructors

Greg & Kristina Freeman

Jeff & Kimberly Kelley

Bobby & Tammy Mclelland

Ross Family Association

Serson Family

Robert & Lynne Serson

Loyal Leaves $2,500 - $4,999

Alpine Bank

Vernon & Patricia Brinson

Todd & Anne Cerrone

Jennifer Dockery

Catherine Gildor

Tom & Karen Hill

Charles & Sandy Israel

Jessica Berger & Mark Price

Barbara Reese

Proud Ross Teachers & Staff

Charmaine Locke & James Surls

Troy & Cher Vincent

Harry & Cathryn Voss

Patricia & Todd Williams

Randal H. Woods

J. Robert Young Advised Fund

Our Stars $1,000 - $2,499

Brooke & Jake Allen


Dave & Gina Betley

C C Blackburn

Beverly Chernoff

Jon & Alicia Creyts

Bill & Lori Gavette

Shawn, Carrie & Jonathan Haberern

Elaine H. Harvey

Kent & Amy Harvey

Charles & Mary Kottich

Leslie Lamont & Lance Luckett

Tim & Elizabeth Malloy

Mike & Nancy McMichael

Don & Jennifer Meij

Mt. Sopris Rotary

Dave & Stephanie Munk

Karen & Eric Peirson

Stephen & Betty Prout 

William Ross

Craig & Robyn Scott

Christopher & Anetta Szczelina

Rochelle Smith & Peter Tibbetts

John Voorhees

Chris & Andrea Waldmann

Gregory & Carolyn Williams

Patricia Godwin Willimon

Joyce Woltman

$999 and below

Diane Ahlstrom

Aaron & Jodi Ahlstrom

Roy & Kathy Altman

Melody Anderson

Evelia Castillo & Jamie Andrade

Pat Apelian

Tom & Kathy Arensdorf

Greg & Kathy Askins

Askins PLC

Aspenalt Lodge

B&H Contractors

Cpher Bair

Dorothy Baldwin

Miranda Ballentine

George & Beverly Barker

Christopher Barnes

Dave & Sharolyn Barton

Cody Schuster & Dalene Barton

Johnny & Audrey Bauhan

Skip & Kay Bell

Romey & Tami Bell

Paul Bellin

Sandor & Amanda Benis

Ivo & Mirka Bensch

Jerrie Bentley

Stephen & Carla Berry

Stephen & Jo Bershenyi

David & Karen Betley, for Jordan & Jake Betley 

Bishop Plumbing & Heating, Inc

Ronald & Jean Blair

Richard Blake

Candace Goodwin & Rick Blauvelt

Bldg Seed Architects 

Dan & Pat Bonior

Robert & Ann Bonnette

Jeanne Bonnette Barnes

Book Grove, LLC 

Michael & Jennifer Bouchet

Mike & Monica Brinson

Morey & Carol Brooks

Watts Brooks

Wren Brotzman

Howard & Ellen Brous

Brown Family

Kent & Emily Bumgarner

Susan Burger

Luis Huerta & Elizabeth Burgos

Jere & Leslie Burns

Canyon Insurance 

Michael Caplin

Andy Carpenter

Brooke Serson Cernonok

Alan Chernoff

Robin Chernoff

Ray & Teena Cheshire

Children’s House on the Roaring Fork 

Brenda Christensen

Mark & Jeanie Clark

Colby June

Dustin & Anna Cole

John & Nancy Cole

Victoria Cole

Kelleigh Condon

Kaye C Condon

Marilyn Cool

 Ron & Jane Corcillo

 Woodrow & Angela Cosper

Barbie Cottrell

Sue Craver

Jim Gohery & Amber Crowley

 Steve & Janice Crowley

Katherine Curry

Gretchen Curtis

Cuseo Family

Don & Jennifer Cutright

Dampier Family

James Daus

Joe & Kristin Davis

Dayton Foundation

Megan & Whitney Dean

Jack & Barbara Della-Bitta

Ron Kokish & Niki Delson

Don Dinnerville

Brandon & Ashly Ditlow

Keith & Carri Dolin

Penny & Chuck Donelan

Dave & Sharon Drechsler

PC & Lisa Drew

John & Barbara Dwyer

Jeff Walz & Dana Dwyer

Suzanne Eller

Silas & Rachel Elliott

Joseph & Damie Elsen

Bob & Nancy Emerson

Lianne Escher

Arturo & Nora Escobar

Dale & Bertha Eubank

Euro Electric, LLC 

Lee Ann Eustis

Evergreen Events

Kristin DiBernardo & Eric Faas

Thomas & Darlynn Fellman

Grace, Jasmine, Thalia Ferguson, & David Finley

Arthur & Janice Forbes

 Charles BIsrael Foundation

Robert & Shirley Francis

Mandi & Derek Franz

Grace Freeman

Kirsten Pamp-Friel & Thomas Friel

Rob & Connie Friesen

Froelicher Family

Brian & Rebecca Fuller

Arlette Gallardo

Mike & Geri Garvey

Jack & Glynda Gausnell

Wolf & Nancy Gensch

David Gensch

Dave & Judy Godfread

Jeff & Christine Godfread

Jim & Rene Gohery

Amber Crowley & Jim Gohery

Uriel & Lorena Gomez

Wally & Kristen Graham

Moses & Heather Greengrass

Mark Grice

Scott & Stacy Grimm

Juan & Deborah Grobler

The Gucwa Family

Garrett Gunter

Yaffa & Yoram Hahn

Hair Bar

Hale Family

Derek & Nancy Hanrahan

Kirsten Hardy

Robyn Cruze-Harrington & Timothy Harrington

Andrea Harris

Glen & Susan Harris

Scott & Nancy Harris

Stewart Hartman

Lyla & Tatym Harvey, Julie Lang 

Scott & Sonya Hemmen

Paul & Eden Henschel

Karla Herbold

Doreen Herriott

Jim & Mildred Hickson

Alexis Karolides & Douglas Hill

Rosalyn Hill

Mark Hinds

Joe Hiss

Brian & Tracy Holcombe

Gary & Jennifer Holmgren

Mary Houlihan

Jamie & Jennetta Howell

Hunter Electric

John Brasier & Mitzi Hunter

Hurley Family

Shaw Lewis & Amanda Ingle

Anakeesta Ironwood, Sage Ironwood & Frida Rojo 

Deb Jackson

Curt Johnson

Lesa Johnson-Martinez

Mindy Kaegebein

Troy & Taryn Kampe

David Kanzer

Robert & Beverly Kavasch

Sean & Leslie Keery

Jay Keeshan

Michael & Julie Kennedy

Douglas Kidder

Maureen & Oran Kirkpatrick

David T Kirkpatrick

Black Kite

Debra & Ed Kitson

Carol Klein

Jesse Kleinbach

Chris & Sarah Klingelheber

Kelly Klotz

Ray & Marcella Knable

John & Marcy Kneiper

Richard & Diane Knutson

Diana Keyser & Alan Kokish

Ernie & Barb Kollar

Carole Wolfe Korngold

Grandma ‘Moe’ Kraemer

Mitchell Kraemer

Ken & Sue Krehbiel

Felicia MKuen

Nancy Lajoy

Michael Lambert

Martin & Alice Lancaster

Stephen & Randall Lavelle

Adam & Tanell Lavender

Jack Real & Sue Lavin

Mick & Abby Lavy

Rick & Chris Lawrence

Arlette Lawyer

Megan & Finnian Leahy

Mary Lehrman

Peter Kent & Nita Lescher

Felicia Lewis

Jill Libby

Dave & Tiffany Lindenberg

Michael & Jenifer Lindsay

Robert Little

Julie Lorenzen

The Lott Family

Walter & Mieke Lozano

Charlie & Elizabeth Lozner

Ned Lucks

Cinthya Lugo


Kathy MacGowan

Chris & Ami Maes

Laurie Maier

Karen Bradshaw & Brett Malcolm

Carlin Mallman

Malloy Family

Claire Malloy

James & Abigail Mandel

Mason & Morse Real Estate

Joan Matranga

Mats Jonsson Photography

Brendan & Abby Matthias

Lisa Welch & Marianne McCafferty

Eddy McClure

David & Joan McGavock

Mark & Sarah McGuiness

McMichael Family

Carl Meitler

David & Shannon Meyer

Jennifer LMichaud

Mid Valley Painting, Inc 

Beth Miles

Chris & Candice Miller

Maureen Muller & Jesse Miller

Julia Miller

Robert & Janet Mineo

Jack & Caryl Mohl

Trevor & Danica Moodie

Summers Moore

Kirsten & Rob Morey

Thomas & Shelby Morgan

Elizabeth Moyer

Ronald & Sandra Moyer

Maggie Mueller

Arsene & Bonnie Muhigirwa

Robert H Murphy

Brian & Elizabeth Murphy

Refugio Romero & Maria Najera

Alejandro, Wendy & Jimmy Nakagawa

Victor & Mary Nelson

Matt & Heather Nieslanik

Beth Nix

Debora Noone

Elliot & Caroline Norquist

Sarah Oates

Kayo & Jennifer Ogilby

Chuck & Meredith Ogilby

Oldham Family

Judith Olesen

Jacob & Ginger Opp

Rosa Orellana

Pampered Chef

Charlie & Alice Parker

David & Priscilla Parker

Dana Pauzauskie

Gary & Fiona Pax

Chris & Vicki Peterson

Bette Pietsch

Peg Corcillo & David Pietsch

John & Catherine Placek

Audrey Podl

Scott & Sharon Pope

Joel Rowland & Shobhan Porter

Phyllis Povell

Jason & Victoria Powell

Mark & Stephanie Price

R&A Enterprises

Duane & Lisa Raleigh

Aurelio Aguilar & Martha Ramirez

Silvia Ramos

Jon Nell Loux-Reeds & Arthur Reeds

Reese Henry & Co, Inc

George & Alicia Reidenbach

Richard & Phyllis Reindel

Rich Reindel

David Reindel

Reneker Family

Donna Riley Architect

Richard & Charlotte Romano

Kara Gallagher & Ken Rosenberg

Nancy Kraemer Rosenberg

Edward & Sandra Rosenberger

Kathryn Ross

Ross Montessori PTO 

Rothman Family

Nicole Rowley

Sal & Becky Rubino

Rudd Construction 

Yuani Ruiz

Lynn Russell Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation

Ryan Family

Jose Rodelas & Guadalupe Salvidrez

Maira Sanchez

Kim Reil & Jes Sanderford

Marisela Santiago

Carolyn Fisher & Chris Sapp

Scherer Family

Robyn Scott & Jay Scherrer

Bob & Tina Schrader

Schramer Family

Mary Schramer

Robert & Cheryl Scott

Tam & Sue Scott

Lynne Serson

John Serson

Michael & Jennifer Shanks

Logan Shanks

Andrea Chacos & Sarah Shook

Karyn & Nate Simmons

Mark & Klara Simpson

Ivan & Jackie Skoric

Ivan & Lisa Skoric

Felicity Smith

Jim & Linda Smith

John & Fiona Smollen

Starr Snead

Gary & Barbara Sorensen

Ryan & Erica Sparhawk

John & Devon Sprandel

Spurrier Family

Katie Stiffler

Tim & Ann Stolley

Ann Stolley

Bill Stout

Rod & Gina Stryker

Jon & Wendy Sunshine

Tripp & Gella Sutro

Jody Swanigan

Mario Tellechea & Ana Tapia

Courtney Tedrowe

Eryka Teisch

Scott & Laurel Tesoro

Patricia Thirlby

Jack & Jill Thomas

Armand & Nancy Thomas

Kale Tibbetts

Scott & Steph Timothy

Debbie Todd

Jill Lancelot & Michael Totten

John & Theresa Traul

Kimberly Trenchard

Chris & Amber Trzcinski

Papa & GG Trzinski

Armando & Silvia Turcios

Janne Nikolajsen & Michael Uncapher

Cassidy Cook & Ellie Urfrig

Bronze Urfrig

Sara Vallerie

Don & Kathy VanDevander

Vickers Family

Peter Vitakis

Roula Vitakis

Bill Walsh

Mike & Chip Wells

Keith Whitescarver

Scott Whitworth

John & Paula Williams

Charles & Mary Williams

Gareth & Vivian Williams

Wendy Williams

Cliff & Kristen Willimon

Valerie Wilson-Vinger

Rodney & Sarah Woefle

Wonder Creations, LLC 

Stephanie English & Leonard Wood

Karen S Woods

Mary Jo Wright