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After School Programs at Ross

5 months ago


Strategic Board Games helps students think strategically and several steps ahead while having fun with partners playing Chess, Backgammon, and Chinese Go. Led by Mr. C-Pher Bair and Mr. Michael Lambert.

Drones! In this experience with modern technology, participants get hands-on experience with remote control, flying drones! We will learn about the radio and aerodynamic technology that supports them, study modern uses for drones and the ethics surrounding those, and learn how to fly them. Led by Ms. Christine Godfread and Mr. Mike Higgins.

Latin Club will introduce children to the original language from which most modern European languages began, including a major influence on the English Language. Led by Mr. Michael Lambert.

Kindergarten Math Club Helps our youngest learners master mathematical concepts using Montessori materials: numbers, counting, one-to-one correspondence of linear numbers. Participants who continue from Session 1 will get new challenges; with Mr. Bob Montgomery.

Math Club (Age 6-9 and 10-13) Individualized to student needs based on teacher input. Instructors: Erin Beaudette, Mirka Bensch, and Michael Lambert.

Exercise and Games Indoor and outdoor fun for all, a range of activities including yoga, dance, ball games, snow games, and agility drills. Extremely cold days: board games and art activities. Led by Ms. Rae Fuller and Mr. Michael Lambert.

Kindergarten Reading Club Will help your child with the basics of reading and includes a 20-minute Orton Gillingham skill lesson followed by supervised practice with kid-friendly software and read-aloud stories with Mr. Bob Montgomery.

Poetry Club will delight the hearts of all young poets and reinforces a value we hold strongly at Ross Montessori School. Writers will engage in a genre study of various types of poetry and create original work that they can perform during club and can submit to our All School Poetry Slam in February. Led by Ms. Robin Chernoff.

Speech Club with Ms. Savannah Brown is a fun and engaging way for our young learners to master some of those tough language tricks. Individualized practice sessions at a small group rate!

Shaggy Dog Writing Club was inspired by our beloved friend Mr. Shaw Lewis. We engage in writing for multiple genres: 12 word novels, 6 word memoirs, screen plays, fiction, Shaggy Dog stories, poetry, and really anything you want to work on. A final copy of edited work will be published in a memorial anthology in the spring. Every one is welcome, ages 7 through 70! Guided by Ms. Laurie Maier and Ms. Carmen Montgomery.

CLUB SCHEDULE for Session 1: January 10 to March 8, 2018


Snack and Recess

Strategic Board Games
Kindergarten Math Club
Math Club (Age 6-9)
Exercise & Games

Shaggy Dog Writing Club

Math Club (Age 10-13)
Exercise & Games


Snack and Recess

Kindergarten Reading Club
Math Club (Age 6-9)
Math Club (Age 10-13)
Exercise & Games

Math Club (Age 6-9)

Latin Club (Age 6-13)
Speech Club with Savannah
Poetry Club
Exercise & Games


Place a check mark on the line by your selected activities, using separate applications if you are enrolling multiple children, or if you as a parent are enrolling in the Shaggy Dog Writing Club. If your child participates in the grant-funded Reading Club for Lower Elementary, you are free to choose additional clubs that begin at 4:15 on the day your child attends. A minimum of 3 participants is needed for each club to be viable, so a club may be cancelled if there are fewer than 3 enrolled. Clubs will be capped at 10 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.


All clubs are $20 a week; Exercise and Games is $10 a week per session. Multiply your weekly cost by 9 to compute your total fees. We will verify fee computation when we send your post-registration invoice. Payment for this 9-week session is due by Wednesday, January 31. Clubs are run on a tuition basis, and we must pay the instructors whether your child is present or not, so please do not ask us to discount days when your child does not attend. To keep our costs low for families, we must be able to rely on the tuition payment from all of our participants. You will receive an invoice from Literacy Services LLC once we receive your registration. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. Questions? Contact

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Montessori Magic Summer Program
Session 1: June 18-29

Session 2: July 9-20

Both sessions are Monday through Friday. Full day and Half Day options for both camps. Children may participate in one or both camps. Early registration begins Monday, March 19.

For more information, contact
Private Tutoring
Private tutoring is available after school with the classroom teachers at Ross. Contact your child's teacher for more information.
Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra
The Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra and Information on Private Lessons

The Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra (RFYO) is an after-school program that brings together students of violin, viola, cello, and bass to learn to play music together as an orchestra. There are three levels of ensembles so that beginner to advanced students can join and play in the group that is best suited to their age and ability. Five Ross Montessori students took part in the RFYO during the last school year!

The RFYO meets on Thursday afternoons at the Ross Montessori School from 4:15 to 5:15. Students and families are always welcome and encouraged to visit and listen in on rehearsals.

To register or for more information, please contact Sarah Graf at 970-306-1235 or visit the RFYO website at

Students do need to have a basic foundation on their instrument and some experience with note reading before joining the RFYO. If you are interested in enrolling your child in private lessons on a string instrument, please feel free to contact us for information on local string teachers and programs for students just starting to play. Many students join the RFYO Prep after playing or taking private lessons for around one year.